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Functional Fitness Class

How to Choose A Functional Fitness Trainer

When you’re ready to begin a new training regimen, you might wonder, “How can I choose the best fitness trainer in Madison?” While the answer is subjective based on your own needs and interests, here are some important considerations.

The right fitness trainer can keep you safe and inspired as you progress through your workout. The wrong trainer could do the opposite. A mismatch between you and your trainer could deplete your enthusiasm, lead to discouragement or disinterest, or inhibit your progress.

So what might a good match look like? How do you find a strong connection with a functional fitness trainer for your best possible outcome?

Tips to help you choose a functional fitness trainer.

It’s more than counting reps and cheerleading! Find a trainer who knows when and how to push you or when to give you extra time to catch your breath.

  1. Decide what you want to achieve in your functional fitness sessions. 
  • Strength goals: being able to carry all your groceries in one trip! Building strength to accomplish daily tasks or to set personal records.
  • Balance goals: not falling when you carry those groceries in the winter. As we age and our muscles weaken, maintaining balance can become more difficult and falls cause more harm than before.
  • Mindset goals: believing that with some practice, you can carry your groceries and understanding that it’s a growth process to get there. Restoring trust in your body to do what you want it to do. 

If you’re not sure what kind of goals to have, a good fitness trainer will help you pick some realistic, achievable, and measurable goals. Be honest with yourself and them as you answer their questions. Be willing to make uncomfortable goals and stick to them.

  1. Look for their certifications and how those certificates were earned. 
    1. How many hours of training did they undergo? 
    2. Who did they train with?
    3. Reputable certifications include: ACE, NASM, NCSF, ACSM
    4. Related college degrees or certificates include: kinesiology, exercise physiology, sports medicine, and fitness and wellness specialist
  2. Learn more about them.
    1. Read their coaching bio. (Here’s more about our instructors, Dakota & Lauren)
    2. Follow them on social media
    3. Check out their online reviews to learn more about their personality and how well they work with others.
  3. Visit the workout space
    1. Does it feel like a place you want to be?
    2. Is it clean?
    3. Is the equipment in good condition and well-maintained?
  4. Request a trial of their class to view the trainer in action, or ask if you can observe a class. Pay attention to:
    1. The trainer’s energy
    2. How they respond to others in the class
    3. How clearly they give direction
    4. Whether they give feedback on form
    5. Whether they pay attention to everyone equally in the class 
  5. Schedule a consultation. Many will offer a free session of 15-30 minutes to discuss goals, fitness and health history, and their training philosophy. 

Schedule your free consultation with a Madison Functional Fitness trainer at Resolution Health Collaborative.

Personal Training

Make the most of your personal fitness training sessions

We recommend starting out with at least one hour a week working with your new trainer to build rapport, and for the trainer to get a sense of what you need. Give yourself time to observe and interact with them in order to sense whether they are a good fit for you. 

You’ll know it’s a good fit if you:

  • look forward to your next session or class
  • feel like you accomplished something during your time together
  • feel seen and heard by the trainer, because of good communication
  • had FUN! 

If those things are happening, you’ll be more likely to experience the thrill of progress in your functional movement training. 

Finding a good fit with a trainer will give you a strong start in your ongoing pursuit of health and fitness! Through the guidance of a certified functional fitness trainer, you can expect to move more efficiently with greater balance, strength, and flexibility over time. You can prevent injury, be more active, and do more of what you love for much longer.