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Lauren van Ommeren

Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Consultant


Lauren focuses her yoga classes on proper body alignment so that you can gain the most benefit from each pose and breath. She helps you move mindfully to improve mobility, relaxation, sleep cycles, and emotional wellbeing. Whether you are new to yoga or a yoga enthusiast, you will be at home in her classes. She centers her classes around Alignment-based Heart-opening Hatha Yoga techniques, which include breathing exercises, movement, and guided relaxation.

Lauren is also a Certified Nutrition Coach, who uses proven motivational interview techniques to help you make nutrition choices that will help you reach your long term health goals. She uses a Whole Foods Plant-Based approach, but also works with non-vegetarians who want to use food to improve their health.

Yoga Classes: Feel Good Foundations, Heart-Opening Hatha


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About Lauren

Before she discovered yoga in college, Lauren led a stressful life built on overachievement that left her exhausted and burnt out. After experiencing the calm that yoga provided her, she began to see yoga as a sort of medicine that could give her tools she could use to improve life even beyond the yoga mat. Her study of yoga has included Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha. The techniques she uses in her classes guide practitioners to be fully present and to channel that energy as they move throughout their day.

Lauren is 200-Hour Hatha Yoga certified, specializing in Integrative Yoga Therapy, and has been studying and practicing yoga for over ten years. She completed her teacher training at Inner Light Yoga Studios. She chose Integrative Yoga Therapy because she believes in combining proper physical alignment and anatomical understanding with the many other lessons yoga offers to facilitate longterm healing in our bodies and minds. Lauren also holds a current CPR/AED certification.

Lauren’s interest in food and its origins also began in college. She later traveled internationally and worked on several farms, restaurants, and cafes to gain a broader, more hands-on understanding of the food supply chain. She continued her studies to include the psychological and physical processes behind food and hydration.

She completed her Nutrition Coach training and certification with Precision Nutrition so that she could help others fine tune their health through food. She promotes a lifelong, holistic approach to food that involves enjoying the process of preparing and eating food for radiant health. She coaches people to make better nutrition choices by working with their current life habits.

Lauren says, “What we put in our bodies becomes our bodies, so when we learn what the best fuel for it is and then we condition ourselves to not only tolerate but love and get excited about these foods, we improve our health in a number of ways.”

In her free time, Lauren adores cooking, hiking, and camping with her partner and their dog. She also enjoys dancing, rudimentarily playing the violin and piano, reading, and making the perfect cup of coffee.

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