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Replace virtual hugs with a massage

So many things have been “virtual” these last two months. Meetings, playdates, museum tours, even hugs.

We’re thankful that technology lets us stay connected this way, even though it really isn’t the same. Especially hugs!

In this time of self-quarantine, isolation, and social distancing, what a lot of us really need is a hug. Hugs are actually good for your health! They release an important hormone (oxytocin) that helps you feel safe, secure, and peaceful.

If you can’t hug people you love right now, send them to us for a massage.

We know, a massage is not the same as a hug, but a massage can have a similar physiological affect. In fact, massages help your body release the same hormone as hugs. Studies have shown that a massage can also help reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol, the “stress hormone.”

Massage even relieves muscle tension caused by too many Zoom meetings in uncomfortable chairs. 😉

So — send your Mom, friend, significant other, or partner in crime a massage gift card. (Yes, they can use it right away because our office is open!) Then after their massage, you can both hop on a virtual call and see the look of relaxation and relief on their face!

Give the Gift of Massage

If you want to give the gift of massage, but are concerned about safety, please know that we also care deeply about your safety and health and follow strict guidelines.

We’re committed to the health and safety of our practitioners and our clients. Our practitioners wear masks. Our reception area is set up to limit contact between indivuduals. We use medical grade disinfectants and wipe down all high touch surfaces regularly.

Is a massage essential?

Yes. Massage therapy is listed as an essential healthcare service.

Is Resolution Health open under Governor Ever’s Safer at Home extension and Badger Bounce Back?

Yes! We are open and taking new and existing clients.

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