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Ask a Dietitian: How can I avoid headaches from working out?

Do you get headaches while exercising? Chances are you may be losing electrolytes or minerals too quickly and your body is struggling to replenish them.

Be sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, not just while you exercise. Drink about 16 oz of water 2-3 hours before your sweat session. Sip another 8 oz of water 15-20 minutes before working out, and 8 oz every half-hour of intense exercise or sweating.

If your headaches persist despite adequate hydration, incorporate electrolytes into your pre-workout and/or during your workout regimen. Our resident dietitian, Brianna, uses Nuun Electrolytes to help restore levels back to normal before headaches hit.

Still getting headaches? Try adding trace mineral drops to your water before and during exercise to replenish the depleted minerals and ultimately prevent headaches from occurring.

Brianna used to get headaches every time she attended a hot yoga class. She discovered that adding just 15 drops of Concentrace trace mineral drops to her water before and during a yoga session stopped her from getting headaches.

Experiment with what works for you. If you still have regular headaches from exercise or heat, schedule a consultation with Brianna. You may have a food sensitivity she can help you address.

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