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Keeping Madison Healthy in 2020

Your 2020 resolutions may have changed a little. Ours sure have. But we believe that even when so much around us is out of our control, we can still set goals and work toward them.

Maybe your goals haven’t changed, but the way you reach them has. Or maybe you’ve created an entirely new set of resolutions. 

Either way, helping you reach your wellness and wellbeing goals is a big part of our DNA. It’s why we’re named “Resolution Health.” We want to help you find resolution to your pain, stress, and health issues, and we want to support your resolutions to live your fullest, best life.

These are just some of the wellness goals that our Madison clients have told us they have this year:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve diet
  • Be more flexible
  • Make strength gains
  • Get more mobile
  • Play with grandkids without pain or getting winded
  • Reach for things on higher shelves
  • Start or resume a hobby
  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Grow in confidence
  • Feel more at peace
  • Reduce need for medications
  • and so many more…

These are all reachable goals that support your wellbeing. And yes, you can work toward them even as you do your part to keep your community safe and healthy during a pandemic.

In fact, Resolution Health was intentionally organized to provide a holistic, fact based approach to your overall health and wellbeing.

That’s why we offer a full range of wellness services, from massage therapy to personal training.

  • Massage Therapy: improve wellness, provide immune support, reduce stress, improve range of motion and flexibility, and provide pain relief
  • Acupuncture: provide pain relief, reduce stress, reduce inflammation, provide dietary support, provide hormonal support, provide gastrointestinal support, promote overall wellbeing
  • Nutritional Consultation: reduce inflammation, identify food sensitivities, provide immune support, reach weight loss goals, reach strength goals, improve overall wellness. (Our acupuncturist offers this service in addition to acupuncture.)
  • Fitness & Personal Training: provide strength training, boost confidence, relieve stress, support cardiovascular health, promote flexibility, relieve pain by strengthening weak muscles, improve posture
  • Infrared Sauna: promote healing, provide immune support, promote a better sense of well-being, assist lymphatic system

We enjoy talking to you about your goals so we can help you reach them in the way that best fits your lifestyle, budget, and interests.

Let’s make the most of 2020 together!

Book a massage, acupuncture, cupping, personal training, or infrared sauna appointment.

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