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Hey, Resolution Squad: How do YOU #ManageStress?

We’ve all got it. We all want less of it.


We all have stressors in our lives, and the evidence continues to pile up that too much stress causes not only discontent, but serious health problems. So, what’s the deal? Should we try to eliminate stress?!

At Resolution, we believe:

Stress CAN be managed effectively, using a variety of tools to maintain balance.

We’ll always have stress. Building an effective tool kit, and using it, enables us each to #ManageStress. What works will be different for everyone.

Massage is a powerful tool (and proven, by quality research!) to manage stress. Don’t take our word for it, though; read the collection of studies the American Massage Therapy Association has compiled, documenting the effectiveness of massage therapy on stress.

In addition to Massage, there are lots of ways each of us can manage stress. Some techniques, like Mindfulness, are backed by research; some have been proven effective for US, by our own experience feeling them work.

So, Resolution Squad: How do YOU #ManageStress?



We’ll always have stress, but mindfully managing it is key.

What do you do to manage stress? Have you been doing it lately?

We’d love to hear what works for you!

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