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Kari Mysker

Fitness Coach


Kari has a passion for helping others grow and build their mind-body connection through functional fitness, yoga and nutritional health. Her holistic, proactive wellness approach emphasizes on building core strength and mobility to support a strong foundation for sustaining everyday activities by guiding clients through not only effective movements but efficient.

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About Kari

In 2022, Kari was introduced to yoga and immediately fell in love with how it made her feel – not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Later that year, she took a leap of faith and quit her corporate job to pursue her passion. She enrolled in Personal Training courses and a Yoga Teacher Training program to start her new path. While being involved in many sports and activities throughout the years, she has experience seeing common injuries that prevented someone from performing their best and doing what they love. Because of this, she made sure to find continuing education courses for Corrective Exercises and Recovery Strategies so she can help others from being in similar situations. Corrective Exercises and Recovery Strategies are an important part of one’s wellness journey by preventing injury or regaining mobility and strength from an active/recent injury. She is excited to help others by applying what she has learned and what she will continue to learn through research, continuing education, workshops, and more.

She is devoted to teaching and helping others learn about their body; how to nourish it, care for it, move it, and listen to it. Kari is there to support and provide accountability to her clients as best as she can because she knows how overwhelming it can be at times.

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