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Licensed Massage Therapist
License # 14328-146


Samantha excels at tailoring massages to help people overcome chronic conditions, such as pain from old injuries, stiffness, or reduced mobility. She enjoys doing postural assessments for clients and she tracks their improvement over time. She also specializes in massage for fibromyalgia pain management, athletes, nurses, carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome. She is personable, client-centered, and committed to improving people's functioning and quality of life.


Samantha enjoys working with people and believes that massage is a critical element of well rounded care. As a mental health case-manager, she frequently saw the connection between mental health or trauma and physical functioning. She prizes communication and will check in during each session to be sure her clients are getting the massage they want. Her goal is that every client feels better when they leave. Her favorite modality is trigger point therapy.

When Samantha completes a postural assessment, she looks at the way a client walks, stands and sits. She then tailors a series of massages to help muscles relax and loosen, and gives tips on practicing posture changes at home.

Samantha received her massage therapy degree at Madison College in 2017. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Psychology and will soon attend Physical Therapy school. She completed the Contemporary Cupping Method course and is certified for cupping massage.

Samantha loves experiencing the outdoors—by hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing, and camping. And if she’s stuck inside, she enjoys cooking, puzzles and board games.

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