More massage times added to our schedule! We’re excited to introduce you to Sarah, a licensed massage therapist specializing in treating migraines and low-back pain for commuters, athletes, and performers. Tap to learn more and book your appointment with Sarah.

A. B.

I had the most amazing treatment with Sarah. It’s what I wish all massages were like – I left feeling relaxed, refreshed, and balanced.

John S.

I wanted to run half marathons but suffered from sports asthma. I would get an asthma attack after sprinting just two blocks. Through Sarah’s massage as well as regular self-work to my ribcage, I got to the point where my inhaler was no longer necessary because my sports asthma was no longer present. I did … Read more

J. S.

Mackenzie has treated me for low back, foot, and leg pain. Acupuncture is the key to me staying active. Thanks, Mackenzie, for being a solution and game changer to staying active.

Alexis G.

The yin yoga class was a wonderful experience. The ambiance and teaching were fantastic.

Teri M.

Great yoga session. I really like working with Alisa!

Johnathan K.

Sam was really attentive and informative. She gave me a few suggestions for managing pain and tightness in my shoulders. I will definitely be back.

Adam N.

Great atmosphere, location, and personal massage therapists with a varied range of skills.

David B.

This whole experience was GREAT!! I was looking for a great massage and I sure found the right place. I’m booking more future massages.

Gloria G.

I realized that Tim understood my issues right away, and that he zeroed in on the area in question immediately.

Jayme D.

My therapist was very knowledgeable and listened to me. The massage itself was relaxing and just what I needed.