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Maureen McLauglin LA.c

Licensed Acupuncturist, LA.cLicense # 2020-55


Maureen is a highly experienced acupuncturist with a remarkable journey in the field of Chinese medicine. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown University and graduated at the top of her class in 1997 with a Master’s Level Degree in Acupuncture from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Her career took off when she started helping couples struggling with infertility, eventually becoming a pioneer in pre-and post-embryo transfer acupuncture protocols, fostering successful outcomes in the Chicago area. In 2022, she further expanded her expertise with a Magna Cum Laude graduation, earning a Master’s in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Nutrition, adding Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy to her skill set.

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About Maureen

A Leader in Fertility and Beyond:
Maureen’s passion for fertility care led her to become the Chief Acupuncturist for the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. She continues to provide private consultations and on-site support for embryo transfer, making her instrumental in helping couples achieve their dream of having a baby. Her expertise extends to acupuncture during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, and she holds a special certification in Obstetrical Acupuncture.

Comprehensive Healing and Holistic Expertise:
Beyond fertility, Maureen is certified in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, passionate about helping people feel their best. She’s an Acupuncturist Without Borders, providing support during disasters, and experienced in community acupuncture. Maureen is well-equipped to address a wide range of health concerns, from pain management to respiratory, digestive, post-surgical, immunological, neurological, and comprehensive women’s health. She remains committed to staying updated with continuing education to ensure she can provide the best care for her patients.

Maureen and her husband recently moved to Stoughton, WI, where she is excited to join the Resolution Health Collaborative and continue her journey of helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness.

Andrea is phenomenal! Really takes the time to listen to what you're hoping to get out of your massage and does a tremendous job to work with you and your body throughout. She also provides some useful tips on how to continue maximizing the benefits of the massage long after you've left her office--real dedication to helping her clients as much as possible. - Jake B.

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