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Anna Schenk

Pilates Instructor


Anna uses Pilates to help her students develop a deeper mind-body connection as they let go of tension and stress to cultivate strength, control, and ease in their movements. She has worked with dancers and competitive athletes, people with acute or chronic pain, and those who want to enhance their fitness routines with a new creative or therapeutic movement technique. The strength and muscle tone developed through regular Pilates practice can benefit scoliosis, improve posture, increase flexibility and help people recover from old and new injuries.

Anna evaluates individual alignment patterns so she can tailor exercises that target students’ concerns. Her precise cues and explanations make her classes ideal for students of all ages, experience levels, and movement capabilities. She enjoys helping students recognize their own strength and potential and discover healthier, more effective ways to move.

Classes: Mat Pilates, Private sessions

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About Anna

Anna has experienced first-hand how Pilates can help overcome chronic pain and misalignments caused by competitive sports—in her case, competitive rowing. She understands the frustration of chronic pain and old injuries and is committed to helping others discover their body’s ability to learn and heal. A lifelong learner, Anna is fascinated by the human body, which comes across in her teaching style.

Anna is a certified Mat Pilates Instructor through Movement Insights Pilates. She has been practicing Pilates since 2016 and teaching since 2019. Her training included the classic Pilates repertoire and other movement modalities. Her teaching style is grounded in Joseph Pilates’ original exercises, with an emphasis on the six Pilates principles: concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breath. She also incorporates movement styles from Feldinkiris and the Alexander technique. She uses her understanding of anatomy and creative skills to help students work more effectively, and occasionally incorporates myofascial release techniques, breath practices, and yoga into her classes.

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