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CrossFitters: Speed your recovery with Infrared Sauna. We’re just 10 minutes away from the Alliant Energy Center. Call 608-443-7048 or tap here to book your session.

October 5-31, 2020

Fall into Fitness

Get your wellness and fitness goals back on track. Finish 2020 healthy and strong with Resolution Health Collaborative.

  • 4 Weeks of personalized fitness training
  • Built-in accountability & support
  • Services for muscle recovery & relaxation included
  • Noticeable results and actionable next steps

You must be one of the first 15 people to sign up for this challenge. First come, first served.

Experience the benefits of combining Resolution Health Collaborative’s fitness and wellness services

The Resolution Fall into Fitness bootcamp is more than a post-quarantine workout plan. It’s accountability, personalized training, and a lot of fun!

Photo of Fitness Instructor Dakota

 2 Private Consultations with your Personal Trainer


12 In-Person Fitness Classes


Unlimited Virtual Classes

infrared sauna madison

Weekly Far Infrared Sauna

madison cupping massage

Cupping for muscle recovery

I really like the small classes, the variety in the workouts, and the knowledge and expertise of the instructor. Dakota does a great job tailoring the class to what I need and it's been awesome to see the results.


A Tailored Program to Help You Succeed

This four week challenge will help you jumpstart healthier habits so you can finish 2020 strong.

  • Discover which fitness classes motivate you best
  • Challenge yourself with your own goals—your trainer will encourage you every step (or squat or burpee…) along the way
  • Learn how to use kettlebells, TRX straps, the steel mace and other basic equipment so you can work out at home, outside, or at the gym even after the challenge ends
  • Experience the benefits of 4 weekly far infrared sauna sessions, including support of toxin elimination and pain reduction
  • Recover with a cupping treatment by a Resolution Licensed Massage Therapist

Be Part of a Supportive Community

The Resolution Summer Shape Up Challenge is more than a post-quarantine workout plan:

  • Be part of the Resolution Health Tribe—we’re a diverse group from all over Madison who support and encourage each other.
  • Access to a friendly, approachable personal trainer who is committed to helping you reach your goals and have fun at the same time.
  • Experience other wellness services from the Resolution Health Collaborative that can enhance your fitness routine.

Fall into Fitness Challenge Details

  • When: October 5-31, 2020 — a four week challenge helps establish good habits
  • Where: Resolution Health Collaborative in Downtown Madison. 345 W Washington, Suite 404. Some classes will be held inside, some outside to accommodate social distancing.
  • Who: Dakota Phillips, a personal trainer, American Ninja Warrior and Resolution Fitness Studio Manager, will lead the class
  • Cost: $280 ($700 value)
  • 1 Private pre-challenge goal-setting session with your personal trainer. 
  • 3 fitness classes each week (choose the times that fit your schedule.)
  • Unlimited virtual fitness classes—attend via Zoom from your phone or laptop at home
  • 4 sauna sessions (one each week)
  • 1 cupping treatment
  • 1 Private post-challenge consultation with your trainer to plan your next steps so you can build on your good habits and continue seeing results

Hurry! Only 15 people can join the Challenge.


Reach your Fitness Goals this August

Make your fitness and health your “new normal.” Join the Resolution Summer Shape Up Challenge today! You must be one of the first 15 people to sign up for this challenge. We accept candidates on a first come, first served basis.